Sunday, 16-10-2016



Fiction Plane


It's been 10 months since the last time Fiction Plane went on tour and it's a good thing they're back. My dear friends Joe, Seton and Pete are back to bring the Fiction Plane back to the European club scene. And I get to open up for them!


After having played a couple of songs with them in the Paradiso on wednesday, the first night I would be opening was the thursday night show at the Tivoli in Utrecht. A packed venue, amazing people, amazing sound and a 45-minute set, topped off by a guest appearance with my Fiction Plane friends. Oh, and a bunch of drinks. It was a great night.


The next day Breda is where the road leads. After a short soundcheck, amazing dinner and an amazing vocal massage by Henriëtte Hertogs (check her out!), I go on stage for what would be my final show of the tour. And even though the audience wasn't as focused as the show in Utrecht, it was still a lot of fun and it felt like a great show. Again going up with Fiction Plane for a couple of songs, it was a great final show of the tour for me. 


I would like to thank Joe, Pete and Seton for having me come with them once again, Heleen Booster for managing the tour and Julien for the Fiction Plane sound. You guys are amazing, I hope to see you all soon!





Friday, 14-10-2016


Single Release - When You Speak ft. Yori Swart


"Take one. It's Yori's birthday so we celebrate for a couple of minutes before setting up for one of those magical studio moments. As soon as we strike the first note of the song we know something special is about to happen. These moments are rare and I am very grateful that we managed to capture it in this recording. One take. The first take. No rehearsal. Just magic.


Video by: Menno van Winden
Recorded by: Jelle van Leeuwen & Joost Wesseling
Written by: Okke Punt
Acoustic guitar & vocals by: Okke Punt
Acoustic guitar & vocals by: Yori Swart





Saturday, 08-10-2016


Support Birdy


It's friday the 7th of October 2016 and I'm rehearsing a 30-minute set for an opening show I will be doing next week (don't worry, I'll keep you guys posted), as I receive a phone call. It's a booking agency called Greenhouse Talent and they ask me if I'm available tonight to do a support show. Luckily, I am. Cause this was not just your any day support show. This turned out to be the biggest venue I had ever played a solo show in.


It was none other than Birdy who's support act had fallen ill that day, and they decided to call me. Me. So I rush to grab my things, hurry to the venue and arrive just in time for soundcheck. And for those of you who don't know the Ronda room at Tivoli Vredenburg:

TivoliVredenburg Utrecht


Right. That's big.


Having had dinner with Birdy and the crew who were ever so nice and thankful to me, I got on stage at excactly 19:45 for a 30-minute set and it was amazing. The minutes flew by as I played 6 of my personal stories for an audience that was eager to listen to them. An experience I will never forget.


Thank you Birdy and thank you to this amazing crowd, you're the best!


Okke Punt - Okke Punt


It's out there. Blood, sweat and tears have been put into this record by a lot of amazing people. I would like to thank Jelle van Leeuwen and Joost Wesseling for engineering and recording the album, Ralf Pouw and Alex Geurink for mixing and mastering the album, Joost Wesseling, Younes Kadri, Sylke Clemens, Anne Punt, Yori Swart, Simone Leuven, Iris Koele and Erik Waerts for joining me musically, Menno van Winden and Ehlana Polgara for their amazing photography, Bob Out for managing it all and Ghislaine Allard for making me socially intelligent. Jack Pisters voor having allowed me an education at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and all the wonderfull teachers there that helped me out along the way. Folckert van de Veen, the administrator of 't Huys Never, for allowing us to record and release the album there. My parents Francis Punt and André Punt, who have supported me for as long as I can remember. And last but not least, everyone who has ever come to my shows and making me believe in myself.


Thank you all, I couldn't have done it without you.





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